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Do i look good bleach blonde?

I've always wanted to bleach my hair, but if i do, i want it to be worth damaging it.
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I like the blonde in the picture below of Jennifer Lawrence. This blonde is a bit "white" but I think a tad deeper blonde would suit you nicely!
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im naturally bleach blond and i think you should go strawberry blond with some lighter highlights
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You can definitely pull it off. Only word of advice is to really care for your hair if you're going that light. It's very damaging to bleach the hair, and since you're going that light blonde, it'll definitely dry out the hair.
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You can def go blonde, but make sure that the color is warmer with more honey and caramel in it (Jennifer Lawrence). The blonde in the pic is more platinum blonde (Gwen Stefani).
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I think you could pull it off, especially with a pale blond like in the picture. Depending on your current level, you may want to do it in steps as this will really reduce excessive damage. It is recommended to only lift 4 levels of color at a time for best and healthiest results.
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Hair bleaching is so passe, they have something out now, called hi-lift, which doesn't damage the hair the way bleach does. I am wondering if your eyebrows are too dark and skin tone too light, to really carry off this hair shade. Ultimately, it's your choice. Personally, if I were you, I would have your hairstylist put some light blonde highlites around the crown of your hair and leave the rest of it the natural color. When you dye your hair this light, you're going to have roots almost immediately-and unless you have the time to sit around in the hair salon & money to throw away, I would avoid doing this.
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no you should not tbecause your face is to pale maybe if u get atan maybe but no no no on ono
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I think the other comments right bleach blonde doesnt really suite you but maybe dirty blonde or gingery blonde?
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i dont think it would be worth damaging your hair, if you want to dye your hair you should try a different colour :)
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