darker hair

Darker or lighter?help me.

i have medium to light blonde hair and i want medium brown hair. i tried to get the color best i could on here but itll look better when i dye it obviously.
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I like darker hair for fall. Go for it!
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I really like your natural hair colour!! But if you're opting for a change get honey or caramel blonde highlights with a couple of darker brown shades as well. I think that light would look better on you as it would suit your eyes and skin tone more =)
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I think a medium color would suit you well just make sure you go for a warm medium tone so that it doesn't wash you out.
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Your hair color is really pretty and I like your hair cut. For a color change, I'd go lighter. Like a caramel or honey blonde.
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I think the medium brown hair is very pretty! You could even go a bit deeper, it's really nice against your blue eyes!
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If I were you, I would ask your hairdresser to blend highlites with some lowlites to create a nice contrast & some depth. Then I would put a clear glaze over it- to really shine it up. You can do this yourself, with a box from the drugstore.
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