Could you give me any tips on my hair?

its --- and i dont straight it or curl it over 2 months now:/
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I am trying to grow my hair out healthy after my hair stylist messed it up. I'm using this girls hair mask recipe

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well what your doing with the no heat thing is really good, keep doing that and you could even put conditioner in your hair and keep it in while u sleep and your hair will soak it up and make it nicer, may be just what you need. i cant say anything on that hair mask thing because idk,.... id never do that lol but who knows maybe itd work good.
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I would start a nourishing and hydrating regimen to regain strength in your hair, trim your ends every 4-6wks, and make sure to use a leave in conditioner as well as a heat protectant to not incur excessive damage or dryness. These are all great ways to maintain hairs health and protect it when heat is used.
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hair masks!!!!
you can use - honey
- virgin olive oil
- mayo
- EGGS (good one!)
- and many more (you should google it)

What hair mask you should put on your hair depends on what your hair needs, you should definitely google about that :)
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