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Could i pull off a pixie cut?

Right now my hair is long and curly. I have been trying a lot of different braids and things to keep it under control but I really want to get a short style that would be cute and easy to take care of for the summer. I am worried that it will be too poofy if I don't get the right cut or that it won't flatter my face. I have an oval face and big eyes that I want to emphasize and a big nose that I don't. I really like Audrey Hepburn's look in "Sabrina" but my face is longer than hers so I don't know if it would look as good on me. What do you think, would this be a good choice for me? If not, do you have any other suggestions of styles that would be cute and easy to control? I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks!
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If you are looking to go short, you.d have to go very short in order to have a low maintenance haircut. If you leave too much length on the ends, your curls will definitely need to be styles due to their puffiness caused by a shorter length. Audrey's ;look in Sabrina is very nice and would be a good length for you because she has a little left to pull back creating a sleek and sexy look. You may even consider getting a keratin treatment done to help smooth and control your hair. When curly hair is cut, it has no weight to hold it down. Therefor it just want to spring up until it is trained and styled to do otherwise.
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I think you would look cute with a pixie cut!! You could either do really short like Victoria Beckham or a little longer like Natalie Portman :) Found online at and
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Good advice, thanks!
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Thanks! I do like the side bangs look.
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If you plan on keeping it natural and curly, then I think you'd look best with a shoulder-length cut. Also, I would do a side part to change things up without having to do a ton of styling every day.
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Your long hair is pretty. Going for a pixie would be a big jump.....I attached a photo of a shorter style, (you could even take it shorter). I think a side bang would look great on you and this style would look great with your face shape.
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Thanks, I'm glad to know that it might make my features look bigger now instead of finding out after I've gotten my hair cut! I have tried looking through the different short styles in the makeover section but it is nice to have another opinion as well.
I really like the Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstyle, it's very pretty! I will consider trying that length with the undercutting since my hair will still be curly. Thanks so much for your advice!
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I actually had a pixie hairstyle a number of Summers ago, after wearing long hair all my life. It takes some getting "used to". It seemed to me, that all my features suddenly looked enormous, even though they're just average. This is what the pixie hairstyle does to you, unless your facial features are absolutely tiny to begin with. I am not trying to talk you out of it, it might look fine on you. It's just something to be aware of and I wish someone had told me, because I wouldn't have done it, if I had known. I am attaching a photo of Aubrey Hepburn from her movie, so the Taaz community will know exactly what you're referring to. However, I think the Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstyle would be very flattering on you. You can also ask your hairdresser to do some "undercutting" to debulk your hair and make it less poofy. I would also suggest uploading your picture on the makeover section and trying on some shorter styles, to get an idea if it's for you or not.
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