change hair color from black to red

Change hair color from black to red

what suggestion do you have for me to change my hair color from black to a burgendy or auburn color
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id like to change my hair from dark black to red
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If your hair is naturally black then it is as simple as putting a red dye (probably level 5) on all over with a 20 volume peroxide on the entire head minus the roots first. Then apply to the root section (from the scalp down about an inch) last as to not create hot roots with our scalps natural heat. If you have existing black dye on your hair, color removing will be necessary. Normally it does not take too long to budge black dye to red undertones because they are only a couple of levels away from each other. Make sure not to remover on any virgin hair as this will create a different result than on the chemically treated hair resulting in uneven results. Once you have lifted the black out and have red undertones. Use a red color with higher peroxide on roots to lift and virgin hair and a lowed peroxide in ore lightened ends to deposit your target red shade. This is nasally a color correction because the virgin and chemically processed hair have to be treated completely to create an even result. I do not recommend doing it yourself. I would invest in having it done professionally then maintaining it yourself instead. If not, you run the risk of having to go in anyway to fix whatever you create which is much more expensive than just having it done to begin with.
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Find a beauty school in your area on the YELP. Look for one that has a lot of good reviews.
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Have this done at a salon. It's far too complicated to do it at home, if you don't have any cosmetology training. If money is an issue for you, then look for a cosmetology school in your area. You'd be getting the expertise of their very experienced instructors. The rates for hair services, are about a third of what you'd pay in the regular salons. I have my hair highlighted at a school, and they actually do a better job than the regular salons-and I pay about $30 for it!!! I think it's because they have the instructor right behind them, trying to make them do it absolutely perfect.
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