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Can reheads go blonde?

I really want to go blonde! I'm not sure that I'll suit me though :/ I have pink undertones and lots of freckles. My eyes change colour dramaticly with lighting, mood, what I'm wearing etc., They could be nearly black thrn 20 seconds later they'll be jade grean, then orangey-brown. Please give me your advise (: Thanks heaps <3 (I had to take a photo on photoboth on my laptop because it wouldn't work through my iPad, so sorry it's not very good quality) And this is my natural, virgin hair (:
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Im not sure about the blonde in the picture below u look way too washed out from the blonde so maybe a vibrant red would be good.
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I definitely think red would suit you well. I would go for a more natural red however. I think a reddish copper would suit you and your warm features very well. Go for it!
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red hair
Thank you so much @sdb1! I'm now thinking of ombreing my hair to go into a dark blonde but do the top-middle of it a more vibrant red. And laurenhall3 if I do go blonde then I probably will go strawberry blonde first so that it doesn't come as too much of a shock to everybody (: Thanks for the advise girls <3
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I think blonde would wash you out . I think going a darker red or a more vibrant red would look great on you. You are very pretty.
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Redheads* Woops!
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