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Can i pull of this haircut? part 2

Correction - this is the picture of me! Part 1 of my question has the picture of the haircut ( I wish it was of me! )

Sorry about the confusion, and thank you!
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I'm in love with the new me :)
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Thank you all! I am going in for the big chop tomorrow at 2pm! I'll post "after" shots!

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I love the cut, great choice for a short haircut! Keep the top a bit longer at first. It will be a bit of upkeep to keep it the right length but it's a great change and a fun style!
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Oh ok! I see now what you meant after looking at your previous question. I do think the short style would look really cute on you. My only suggestion would be to leave the hairline pieces a little longer than in the picture to balance out your face shape. You a nice oval shaped face but it is slightly long. Keeping a longer hairline will help to conceal this perfectly.
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Sorry. I don't understand your question. :(
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I think you'd look really pretty with a bob:
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