Can I lighten my hair with ash blonde hair dye?

Can i lighten my hair with ash blonde hair dye?

I dyed my hair dark brown about a month ago and it's still pretty dark. If I use an ash blonde hair dye, will it lighten the color?
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The answer to your question is Yes! Most permanent hair color brands are designed to lift by up to 3 levels provided you use the right developer strength.
If your hair is dark brown you can try to use Ugly Duckling 7A Ash Blonde or 6A Dark Ash Blonde with 30 Vol. Developer. It should come out quite nice!

All the best!
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Hi, I have just done the same myself, you don't need hair colour remover it's rubbish and it damages your hair, I used firstly a highlighter kit to lighten up a lot of my hair, be warned the lightened bits turned a dark yellow, I left it a week the dyed my hair with xxl ice blonde by scawartskov,and put it over the whole lot. It worked but it was still a yellow colour. I then used a violet toner you can get this from a hairdresser and covered it over my hair which took out some of the yellow, and Then i did it again a week later which took out the rest of the yellow.

I use a pro keritine shampoo and conditioner and serum to combat dryness which I got from a hairdressers wholesalers which are 100 pert more effective than the ones you buy In the shops like tressseme.

You can do it!!! I have gone from boring brown dyed hair to brilliant blonde, just be prepared to go through the orange and yellow stage and always read instructions and stick to the timings on instructions so not to damage.

And good luck. Xxxxx
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buy a hair color remover and make sure its light enough, then dye it with an ash blonde. it will usually still turn out darker than the box, so pick a shade lighter than you want. only do this if your hair is in good condition. if it isnt, you will have to just slowly cut it out. or you can use natural remedies.
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First of all, wait to dye it. Too much dying in a small amount of time can cause skin cancer. After at least a month you should put high-lites IF you want to. You might want to completely dye it, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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It should depending on what dye use use. However if it doesn't works I would recommend having blonde highlights professionally put in!
Hope I helped
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if you want to lift it i suggest doing it ssowly
i for one,know to much bleach is a nono!! colour does not remove colour
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