Can I get my hair to grow significantly longer?

Can i get my hair to grow significantly longer?

I have really curly shoulder length hair, and I would really like my hair to reach like the top of my breasts. Is this possible to do without having to get extensions? Is is possible to get your hair to grow 3-5 inches longer, naturally?
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oh. btw, I use Diva Curl products on my hair
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Absolutely! Make sure to trim your ends regularly (every 4-6wks) as this promotes healthy and rapid growth. You can also take hair vitamins (found at your local health food store. These vitamins really help stimulate rapid hair growth. Using a regimen that promotes blood flow to the scalp can also be very effective. Nioxin and Bosley are a couple great lines to consider.
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It will take about 6 months- as your hair grows about half an inch a month. Try giving yourself a 5-10 minute scalp massage, every night before bed. Take liquid silica from the healthfood store. Take care of your hair, and have trims called "dustings" that just trims away the far, far ends on a regular basis. Try cutting out junk food and eating lots of fruits & vegies.
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