can i dye my hair brown over blonde highlights?

Can i dye my hair brown over blonde highlights?

Hello, im feeling like a bit of a change when it cones to my hair. ive been getting bleach n golden blonde highlights (half head) for about a year and a half now and wanted to purchase a cool chocolate brown as i have pale cool toned skin and wanted something thats going to bring out my blue eyes! my hair is naturally a medium brown and is virgin hair excuding the highlights ontop, just a bit scared as its my first time dying my hair and worried the highlights may go a funny colour? if so is there anything i can do to prevent this? and what brands of box dye/ colours do you suggest? yoyr advise will be much appricated x x
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Just buy the cheap colorsilk and use a medium golden chestnut brown, leave it on only like five minutes and it will darken your hair but not turn it green ect. if you go use sallys hair colors; chances are your hair will turn green, their hair color is very strong and I would not suggest you use it on bleached or highlighted hair. I was tired of my bleached blond hair and I've just done mine and its a pretty light brown color with a hint of red tones, believe me I've had my shares of mistakes. Otherwise go to the professionals especially when your dealing with color.
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I love warm tones right now! You wouldn't consider a warm brown??
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thank you for your answers girls! briana could i get the same result dying chestnut brown all over and then going over with a cool chococlate brown its just i doubt i'll be able to pick out all of my highlights lol its seeming more and more complicated the more i think about it. I even thought about snipping off a bit of my highlights and testing befour going ahead as you can tell im not a big risk taker when it comes to my hair a salons seeming like a more likely option but im a bit low on money at the mo. you mentioned the peroxide and chestnut brown to fill the highlights in how exactly would i do this? thanks for your help :) x x
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Im impressed that you'd even think about your highlights pulling a different color than your natural hair. They absolutely will not turn out the same color. As a matter of fact, because you are wanting a cool tone brown they might even turn ashy or even sometimes green! To avoid this I would fill the highlighted areas first. This means to replace all the missing pigments onto the pre lightened strands. Those missing tones are gold, copper and red as these are the undertones of brown color and are no longer present in your highlights pieces. You can fill these strands using a chestnut brown and 10vol peroxide (or 3-5% if you can find it). Apply to pre lightened areas only then go over and apply your target shade right over the filler. Mix and apply your target shade just like you normally would. It may turn out a tad less cool than you want it because of the warmth you have to use but its better than ending up with moussey colored hair. You can always apply your target shade a second time to reduce any left over warmth that may be left showing through.
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You need to be careful anytime you're coloring over previously bleached/colored hair. There is a chance the color won't turn out right. For that reason, you need to go to a professional hairdresser. Look for a deal on Yelp for first time customers. My mom went to a hair salon the other day, and they were giving 50% off to first timers. You can also go to a cosmetology school in your area & you'\d be getting the expertise of the instructors there. Their prices are extremely reasonable. If you're going to do this yourself at home, my advice would be, not to do it at all.
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