can i do black hair with brown highlights

Can i do black hair with brown highlights

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If you are asking if it is possible, the answer is yes. It depends however on a few key factors. Is your hair already all over black? if so, is it natural or colored? Have you ever bleached or highlighted your hair in the past? These are all very important questions to keep in mind because overlapping bleach can be dangerous. If you have bleached your hair previously and it is not fully grown or cut out, it can cause damage to your ends. Color will not lift through color especially if it had been colored black. If your hair is naturally dark then you only need a high lift to get to your target. If it had dye on it you will need to bleach it. If you have colored or natural colored hair of lighter tones than desired, all you'd have to do if foil in the brown and apply black between your foils for a single process. I personally really like the contrast between your two target shades but you may want to post a picture to know if it will flatter you well or be too harsh.
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Yes! Great choices together especially if they're subtle. Chunky highlights in this situation might not be best.
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You can, but they hace to be done by a proffesional hairdresser, because that combo can look stunning, but it can look really tacky : )
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You can totally do brown highlights on black hair.
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yes , you can ..
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no, because black and brown are a big NO NO except beyoce can pull it off!! :)
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no,because black and brown highlights are just a big NONO !!! except for beyonce! thanks for asking
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