Bright red tips or dark reddish brown hair?

I've had the dark red hair before. And 2 days ago I posted a question asking if I should go entirely fire engine red and got mixed answers. So I toned it down to questioning tips. I used the same example photo. Watcha think?
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Red tips, definitely. And possibly a random splash of red in a few other places, just to add even more unique-ness. :)
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I still vote the red. Go for it! ;)
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I still think you would look great in the fire engine red. Yo have beautiful hair so you have many options. You could try tips first and if you like them then do your entire head. Something like this picture is also a good way to start. You could do only a section in the front. I think it's pretty cool and different, not what everyone else is doing.
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Bright red tips! I'm doing the same myself :)
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This color is pretty too......
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My vote would be the reddish brown hair. I'm sure the red tips would look great too but I like more of the natural look since you have such beautiful hair!
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