Brazilian Blowout or Japanese Hair Straightening?

Brazilian blowout or japanese hair straightening?

Which one would be better for my hair?
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the best option would be to get a formaldye free keratin treatment at a salon. make sure that they use a high temperature straightner or your hair wont be as straight.

or if your going on the cheaper side try out carols daughter chocalt collections
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It really depends on your hair texture and thickness. I am a big fan of the keratin treatments because they do not leave a line of demarcation when the new growth comes in. Instead, the product evenly fades out leaving you the option to redo it or leave it natural. Keratin treatments are more of a temporary fix which are a lot more gentle on the hair. They are also progressive which means the more you do them, the less you will need to. Japanese straighteners are a bit harsh and more permanent. They do require more maintenance when your new growth comes in because of the difference in texture from the roots and ends of the hair. The results are a bit more straight and long term ideal for those with thick unruly hair Keep in mind that not too many people are getting Japanese straighteners anymore. Even those with the thickest textures are converting to keratin treatments because of the integrity it keeps your hair in.
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