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Blonde, red, brown? i'm wanting to go lighter as i get older? good or bad!!

I am 38 and have been blonde in the past and i loved it..I met my husband as a brunette and He doesn't like blond hair? do I risk it? or go somewhere in between?
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If you suited blonde, you should go back to being blonde. If it makes you happier and more confident then your husband should prefer it! Hopefully he likes your personality, not just your looks. :)
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Lighten brown will fit you best,but you can pull out any color :)
xoxo Mirna <3
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With your coloring, you can pull off the lighter base quite nicely! If you are worried he'll hate it try for more of a caramel and slowly go lighter from there so it isn't such a sudden and drastic change. We want him to be happy with your appearance as well as achieve what you want with your hair color so meeting half way is a good meeting point. Later on you can always lighten it with a few highlights and blame it on the sun! (;
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Going lighter fits you! I like the face layers and highlights!
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ah thanks! loving the light brown of Jennifer A and Jennifer Lopez!
Tried red a few times but it fades too quickly and looks dull..
I have a young child of 7 months and feel I can give myself that bit of attention now so a change is needed
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If you're talking about the hair color in the picture, I think that suits you really well. I'm not sure how light you want to go.
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Brown would look good one you!! But the color in the picture suits you well too! Either that color or just a touch lighter I think!
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The lighter color in this picture suits you great! I probably wouldn't go too much lighter, but if you want to do this honey blonde, I say go for it!
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You could comprimise & do light brown with a few blonde highlights.
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If your husband doesn't like blonde, he's an important person in your life. Just think, if he were to do something to his appearance that you didn't care for, for example: grow a goatie or something. How about light brown? Does he like red? I am attaching some pics of Jennifer A. sporting a light brown color, and Angelina with caramelly light brown
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