blonde or not??

Blonde or not??

i have dark hair but ive been loving blonde and im not sure my colour suits it, could i pull it off. also my hair is short with lots of layers.
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You can definitely pull off a blonde shade.....I would recommend a bit deeper golden blonde than the picture. Try something close to the photo attached...
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This color doesn't look bad, I just think it could look even better with a little more depth and contrast. Adding some very thin light brown lowlights would help to break it up as well as deepen the tonality. i think that would be a lot more suiting against your coloring and features.
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Yeah I really like it maybe a little darker?
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Because of your eye color, I would say darker blonde.
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Yeah, try blonde maybe try wash out die first to see if you like it but remember 2 get good quality- bad quality messes up your hair lol.
BTW Blonde looks like it suits you!!! :P :D
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yeah! you look really good as a blonde!
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