blon or black hair for me?

Blon or black hair for me?

i would like to make something diferent.....put a black color in my hair
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hei girls!!!

i change my was beautiful.....painted black and left some blond tresses....i I'll put the photo......thanks for the tips!!! kisses
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I like the way the pale blond looks in your profile picture but think blond would look great too ageist your fair skin. Just know black is very hard to remove and blond may cause dryness or maybe even damage. You will be able to pull off either tone beautifully.
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I love your platinum hair with your skin tone! If you want a change though i would go for a black.
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thanksss!!!!!! a lot! i will think about this!!!!
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I like blonde!! I think if you wanted a change a caramel colour or a darker-than-your-current-shade blonde. I think blonde suits you really well; I think black may be a bit harsh. ^^ If you want something a bit more daring, I suggest blonde highlights with caramel, reddy-brown and mousse sorta colour, to mix the colours in your hair a bit more.

I personally really like the shade you have now! ^^ You have an awesome hairstyle =)
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Caramel Blonde Highlights
Porcelain Look =)
Browny-Caramel =)
Ohh, I love your platinum hair! I'm sure black would look edgy and different and you could pull it off but I would keep it light and bright with your cute cut!
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I save my picture in my profile! thanks! you can see my hair there!
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Could you post a recent photo of yourself? It's difficult, if not impossible to offer you advice on a suitable haircolor, without understanding the rest of your coloring as a whole.
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In her 20's from Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, Canoas

Green eyes, combination fair skin, platinum short wavy hair
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