bleached hair using xxl

Bleached hair using xxl

okay so I was brown at first before I bleached my hair and I think I bleached it about 4 times (I know I shouldn't of but mam and dad said that it would be fine) anyways I bleached it first on friday about 3 times (don't ask why) left it for a day then bleached it again today and it feel's like string and it's snapping, and when it's wet it feels dead silky and hard to dry, anyways I really don't want my hair to fall out as it took years to get it the way it is:'( NEVER EVER GOING TO BLEACH IT AGAIN!!.. just wish I never even bleached it:'( please helpp!!.. :'((
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I agree with the following! Also Olive oil heated up a bit in the hair does wonders! I try to condition my hair that way every other month! I have really thick hair and it tends to get dehydrated at times. Just make sure that you are watching the time and color is lifting when lighting the hair! Good luck
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you can also do this:
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put olive oil in your hair!! Just take the extra virgin olive oil out of the kitchen cupboard and put it in your hair, then sleep with it (put a towel on you pillow otherwise your pillow will have grease stains on it) and wash it out the next morning with shampoo for damaged hair and use a deep conditioner, leave that in for 5-10 minutes, wash it out
and towel dry your hair, then put in serum for damaged hair

That is how i did my hair when it was like that after i bleached it and now its fine :p

after a while you can skip the olive oil but still use the deep conditioner and serum
also sleep with a silk turban on your hair, that will prevent friction between your pillow and your hair, preventing breakage

I really hope it turns out
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It sounds like you may have completely blown out your poor hairs elasticity! If this is the case it will take a long time to get it back to normal. Be super gentle with it. Do not brush wet hair only use a wide tooth comb while hair is well. Trim all the dead ends off before they begin to split up and damaging the rest of the strand even more. Invest in a regimen for strength and re structuring. Do not over protenize the hair with overdoing it on the masks as this can make the hair even more sensitive. Try to air dry hair (although it takes longer now) I would stray away from heat and styling tools as much as possible until your hair becomes stronger.
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no it was 5 times but I'M NEVER EVER GOING TO DO IT AGAIN!!.. :(
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You need to see a professional hairdresser, and have her evaluate your hair. For now, be very careful with your hair. I suggest some deep conditioning treatments and not using any heated hair equipment for a while-& stay out of the pool. I guess you can go in, but keep your head out of the water. Buy a conditioning spray for hair with SPF in it, & put it on everytime you're out in the sun.
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wanting to go back to brown but how long should I wait?..
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