Best way to do your own highlights?

Best way to do your own highlights?

I have dyed my hair many times with all over permanent color and have had surprising amounts of success, but I think I would like to highlight my hair with either an auburn or golden blonde for the summer (it is dark blonde now.) I would like to do this without going to a salon as I am fairly confident with choosing a good color and applying boxed dye myself =) Any tips??
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Hmmmm.... this is a tough one because highlights can be trick. I feel the safest way wool be to brush the product onto a comb and slowly comb through detangled, straight and dry hair. In theory this seems the best way to DIY however, can be easy to go over board and end up too light since you wont be using foils to control the amount. Once you have applied desired amount, allow to process and do not touch or more the head while it does. Excessive movement can create bleeding and sill be noticeable once you style your finished product. I believe they have boxed kits with special applicator brushes for those of us who are brave enough to attempt doing this on themselves. I wouldn't suggest it but hopefully all turns out well. Good luck. Make sure to post after shots for us to see the results!
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I would locate a Sally's in your area. Go there & ask the people working there, to steer you to the right supplies: a highlighter paintbrush, cellophane wraps, etc.
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