Best haircut for thick curly hair

Best haircut for thick curly hair

I have been straigtening my hair for over 10 years now. I have had my hair many different styles from short to long. I had my hair trimmed about 2 months ago but she cut it to one length I hate it because it looks boxy and puffy. When I curl it hate it because it looks puffy and when its straight I just feel blah. Need a different look something more trendy. Any suggestions for thick hair?
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Layers, layers. layers!!! They help to remove excess weight and bulk. They also really help to give the hair style and movement rather than looking so solid and heavy. Also to reduce the amount of heat you are applying to the hair on a daily basis, you should consider a keratin treatment! They are miracle workers and will really help to promote silky, smooth, shiny tresses. You only need to get it done every 3-4 months and its a progressive treatment which means the more you get done, the less you need!
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I think you should straighten it just enough to make it wavy. Wavy is a good style. It looks like it has a lot of body, yet it doesn't look big or puffy.
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Would you ever consider wearing it curly and and natural? If so, my friend's mom gets a haircut called a Curly Girl cut and uses Deva products to style and for hair care as well.
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Have you ever considered a Brazilian Blow out? This will make your hair cuticle lie flat. Your hair will be smooth, silky and frizzy-free. Tell your hairdresser you would like her to de-bulk your hair, by using the undercutting technique-that will decrease the overall puffiness.
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