Beached hair using xxl live 5 times in 1 week (soo bad i know)


I have had it cut about under my chin a little and I use miracle hair insurance leave-in-conditioner and I also used normal conditioner for damaged hair but people say it doesn't look that bad and I also got told hot oil helps?.. and that I should get it ash blonde?.. any other advice btw I am NEVER EVER bleaching my hair AGAIN!!..
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Im not quite sure I fully understand your question. Are you trying to find out how to tone the warmth out? If so, I wouldn't lighten anymore (even though it may need it). Make sure not to over condition as this may make the hair too ;imp and weak by over proteinizing. An ash blond will help to cancel some warmth however if it is as bright as it seems by your picture, you will probably still have some warmth left after toning. It will definitely be more toned down and not so brassy but it will not ne a neutral or ash based tone either.
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but @toxickandy I got told conditioner is what your hair needs when it's like mine and yours.. x
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Cut it and start over. You hair murderer.

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oh yes i have done this many a time
i suggest not conditioning it for a week,just leave it in a bun
it may feel very stringy so put no pressure on it
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If the reason you're doing your hair at home, is the cost- look for a Cosmetology school on Yelp for your area. Their prices are cheap and you'd get the expertise of the experienced instructors.
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yea nourishment and for ash blonde- silver shampoo for putting down yellow pigments
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but does my hair look that badly damaged I got told it doesn't and I also heard someone had there's bleached 7! times and yep defiantly lesson learned x
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