Any way I can make my hair lighter?

Any way i can make my hair lighter?

I recently dyed my hair golden brown, hoping that it would get somewhat lighter but not dramatically.. unfortunately, you can't even tell that I dyed it! I went from brown to brown, so I'm hoping I can get it a little lighter before summer ends. Is there any way I can make it lighter without having to get highlights or dye it again?
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Try washing it a few times with a dish washing liquid or clarifying shampoo as this will strip some of the color out. Be aware that this may cause a little bit of dryness so make sure to follow up with a hydrating mask to replenish the hairs moist level.
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Okay thank you! :)
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If you buy a dandruff shampoo from the drugstore-it has an ingredient in it, that will lighten hair that has been previously colored. Give that a try. I guess you could also use lemon juice and go in the sun.
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