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A little help for my hair ;-)

Ok.. My hair is a bit long (look at the pic), and i would like to make some beautiful curls in it, but i don't know how to do it. Maybe you guys have a nice tip to get beautiful curls? And i'm thinking of an every day look, not just for parties :-)
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First apply a thermal protectant spray or serum to the ends of your hair, so you don't damage/fry them. Next take your curling iron and clamp around the ends of your hair so that they curl OUTWARD. Do this to all the ends, and you'll have fun beach waves :)
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I like to stretch the natural texture out of the hair first by drying, damp hair using the air pick attachment. Begin curling dry hair with a ceramic 1 1/2" iron. Take long vertical sections down the head from the top all the way down to the bottom. Smooth section through once then curl it only half way up the length. Big sections are of to use but you have thick hair you may need to split the lender sections into subsections. I think curling a few sections from the front hairline backward and away from the face are most flattering. Then in the back alternate the direction of your curls to create natural loving separation. This will achieve a natural, fast and pretty soft wave pattern perfect for daily wear.
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