20th b-day party!!

hey girls!! :) soon is my b-day and i ve organised a huge party at my place! there s gonna be 50 guests and i ve decided to be sofisticated but casual :) so i think i ll wear this log black dress (from italian H&M collection),high heels (dunno which ones but colourful of course); i ve thought of a long necklace but i have first to think how to put my hair!! any advice?? :) My natural hair is long,brown and curly so should i straight it or go with curls? :) xx
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my hair was shorter because i made it with taaz make up :) i have really long hair,and i was thinking of cutting it some centimetres :) BTW i found another pretty dress by ZARA! and now i dont know whic one to wear :/ the dress is orange (coral) tight with a veil just covering one arm and the other one is naked,so just with one sleave :) what do you suggest me?
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What about half-up/half-down....I think that would look great with the dress! I would do a strappy heel, gold or bronze would be fun!
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tank you :) i ll keep that in mind and of course i ll let you know how my hair will be :) maybe with a pic :)
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Although I think straight is fun, I like the elegance of a loose flawy wave more for a special occasion. It gives off a very romantic and inviting feel. Happy 20th!
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