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Would you wear reversible jeans?

I was flipping through magazines the other day and saw that there are now reversible jeans. As in, two colors in one pair of pants. Carl Jones is the designer for Bleulab, the creator behind this look. Does that mean you could wash your jeans less often? Or, wear the same pair all week long and just keep turning inside out? Would you buy a pair?

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Maybe. I'd have to try it on first to see if the zipper was uncomfortable on the inside, but it's a good idea!
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I'm totally on board with your comments! When I first saw the look, I thought, well that's pretty genius. But then I thought, I spill a lot and how does that work the zipper? Does it hurt, cut in, what's the deal? Somebody please buy a pair and report back!
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What an interesting concept! Love the idea and would totally buy a pair if the price is not... double! (:
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Interesting! I'd have to see them in person to assess the quality of the rivets and pockets on each side. BUT, I do love the functionality of a 2-in-1 item -- so maybe! PS: Remember when reversible jackets were SO cool?
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okay.... yea, i would only buy them if they were on clearance... and then you have to think about all the sweat and grime and germs and food and spills that get on them... AND THEN think about the buttons and zips on your skin..?
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omg wow!! AWESOME!! LOL yes! i would soooo totally buy a pair!! wow!
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LMFAO!!!!! funni as the first thought is eewwww... but then they are an ok idea abviously you wouldnt wear both side in the one day lol..
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It would depend on the fit and style. I'm thinking I probably wouldn't buy something like this.....they would be too stretched out by the time I wanted to switch colors! ha ha! Interesting but not for me. Thanks for sharing though!
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Eww, i definitely don't think it means you could wear them all week and keep flipping them. Maybe you could away for a few days but you sweat in them and stuff then turn them around so all that grime is on the outside!! *shudder* I may wear them, i am just wondering how comfy it would be with the pockets and belt loops on the inside rubbing against your skin o_O. I think this is one of those things that sounded good in theory...I would only buy them if they were on clearance!
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