Would like to shed 5 pounds before cousin's wedding

I want to look really good in the pictures. If you have any tricks that have worked for you personally, I'd like to hear about them. However, please no unsafe recommendations.
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I'd say just have breakfast, lunch and dinner with no snacks and go running. Or do various exercises similar to running. It's not unsafe, i do it.
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Also make sure that u drink lots of water cause you can get dehydrated especially when you work out a lot.
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Try replacing as much of your meals with boiled veggies and fruits as possible. Usually just making this adjustment makes the biggest difference in losing that few pounds!
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Cool! I'm trying to lose weight too! So far, I've lost 2lbs/week and it's been 2 months now and i don't feel hungry at all. Here's what i eat EVERY DAY for the past months:
Breakfast - Oatmeal mixed with milk, honey and a banana.
Lunch - Either boiled veggies or fruits
Dinner - Fruits
Snacks? - Fruits
My beverage? Lemon water. Just lemon water.
My exercise? Half an hour WALK a day with my dog. No jog.
No shots, no vitamin, no special tea/drink, no pills.. just the above.
Good luck! btw, u look fabulous in your foto! :)
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A clasic but never fails,water water water!!
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Cayenne pepper cleanse always does the trick for me. You mix cayenne peppers, lemon and grade B organic maple syrup and sip on it throughout the day. It subsides hunger and shrinks you fast. You can google for exact measurements.
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I know a lot of people like to get a b12 shot to help a bit. Its also great for you immune system too. Also just power up your daily exercising would help too.
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Anytime I need to lose a few pounds for a special event, I buy concentrated liquid green tea from It's mixed with fruit flavors and stevia, instead of sugar-so it actually tastes good. Green tea is a safe, proven effective fat burner. I would use this as a replacement for coffee, soda and other drinks. Then I go for 30 minute power walks in my neighborhood everyday.
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