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Would ear stretchers suite me?

i realy want a ear strecher but have had mixed feedback about it so would it suite me? thanks x
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ewwww nooo those r grossssss
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I think it would totally go with your look. I think people have mixed feeling because of the damage they cause to the lobe. Im not exactly sure it goes back if ever you are over the trend. Perhaps start with something not so crazy big (which I think is necessary anyway because its a gradual process). Id go with a little bit smaller than a dime's diameter max. Good luck!
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yeah that would be cool
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It would suit you but I don't like those ear stretchers so I'm biased! Of course, it's up to you!
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At the end of the day it's your choice, but I would go with no, please feel free to make your own decision :)
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I think you don't need ear stretchers. Your ears are perfect, you don't need them but if you get them don't get the circle ones with the hole in the middle. Your ears are perfect like this makeover. Hope this helps you. xx
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bright and colourful
Start small like go with a 16 first, then work your way down to like..maybe a 10 or 8? (They go in sizes numerically) You have kind of bigger ears so not tooo big :P
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i don't really know any different kinds, but to me they are all the same, i suggest going to different earring stores and ask some who knows more about this kind of stuff.
i hope i helped! :)
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bonjour , hello ! What is about what you speak francais? my parl french =P bye a bientot
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