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Which past beauty or fashion trend makes you cringe?

I don't regret any of my fashion choices because I feel like they were reflective of the times. Hello shirt clips, neon colors and tight-rolled jeans! But, I really say the one beauty trend that I had to have that makes me cringe whenever I think about it was the perm I had in 4th grade. My hair took up the whole frame in my school photo. Yikes!

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I miss my shirt clip haha! Also, I rocked these neon green stretchy shorts from 1st to 2nd grade! I would be embarrassed, but I actually find it really funny now lol.
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Neon Green Shorts
This is so funny to me! Ok I guess I have to come clean... The past beauty trend that makes me cringe definitely has to be the mile-hight teased bangs! Not only because I now understand why my mother used to get so upset with me because of how hideous I made us both looks but also because I'm sure I caused myself permanent damage with all the hairspray inhalation. Can anyone say RAVE!!!! yuck (both the style and the product!)
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Up until just recently, I was a mom jeans offender. :)
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First of all, I love this question! I agree that our past fashion choices make us who we are (and give us really awkward and hilarious school pictures). That being said, I think I have to give my cringe-worthy award to denim floppy hats from the early '90s. WHAT. WAS. THAT?! I had an entire collection of them and thought I was the coolest. Also, mini backpacks. Not a purse, not quite a backpack. So bad! Again, I had one for each outfit and thought I was so cool sporting the trend at the mall with my friends.
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Gaucho pants with boots, they were all the rage about 6 years ago
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80's Shoulder pads and hairstyles :D
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Copy of kate
@msmmmore !!! LOL that sounds disgudting!!! haha lol
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Polyester leisure suits with white belt and white shoes on men from the late 1970s. I worked with a man who wore a lime green leisure suit with the white shoes and belt with a floral print shirt unbuttoned to mid chest with lots of gold chains. Scary. Also the polyester suits for women that appeared to be patchwork denim but the patchwork was just printed on the fabric. I guess I don't like the old polyester anything. I wonder if that man I worked with has any photos of himself in that suit. I am sure he would cringe at the thought of it now.
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i hate it when girls ponytail their shirts at the back it looks soooo reterded and soo lame! refering to the pic, i even think those shirt clips are the same as ponytailing them, it doesnt look nice. but yes, they reallyy m,ake me cringe!
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On the hair note.....I had a "bi-level" cut in around 8th grade!!! Basically, it's a girl mullet!!! WHY? I can't even look at my school pic from that year! I was wearing a scarf that tied in a bow around my neck with an argyle sweater! I cracked up about your perm picture! This is a good one!
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