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Where can i get a good quality (but good priced) strapless bra?

Ladies, I'm dying to wear the one shoulder dresses and tops that are on trend right now, but I need a really good strapless bra. Help, please!

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Aerie has good strapless bras for reasonable prices and they have sales online all the time too.
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u can get good strapless bras with a sexy net back at a normal lingerie shop. they make ur breasts ur better and round ! try them , they are in budget
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victoria's secret is the way to go
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Victoria's Secret has great ones.....they have several options too. Another good place is Nordstrom lingerie. They have the best sales consultants!
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It's actually better to invest in a good strapless. It's something that you'll have for awhile. I'd get one from Victoria's Secret. I have the Body one, and really like it!
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As of today Victoria secrets is having their semi annual sale and you can get some great deals!
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Has a large selection of strapless bras at all different price points. I'm sure you'll find one that will work for you. You could also try Victoria Secret.
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