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What's your favorite place to shop for shoes?

I usually don't just stick with one place since there are so many places to choose from. But, I was wondering if you are devoted to any specific store or maybe have shopped some place I haven't, but need to know about!

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I like all of the outlets in Vegas, Macy's and Norstrom
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I knew you'd guys have the best answers because believe it or not I have not shoe shopped at one place that any of you mentioned! Looks like I have my work cut out for me. ;)
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I've bought a lot of my shoes from Macy's because they have some of the best sales ever! Otherwise, ebay is great as well ;)
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I like Nordstroms, Macy's, and ASOS!!! They have pretty cute shoes and it's always awesome to find good shoes on sale :)
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I love shopping for shoes at Bebe and Victoria's Secret online! They always have sexy shoes, and I can usually wait until they go on sale :)
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Piperlime and ShoptheShoebox.com!
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I'm pretty much a Nordstrom shoe girl! Sometimes I buy sassy heels at Bebe but other than that it's Nordies!
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I normally buy my shoes in several different places like bloomingdales, aldo, nordstroms, macys. The list goes on and on. However for more fun shoes that are stylish and inexpensive, I like to use gojane.com they aren't the best quality but at their prices, its ok to wear the a couple of times and be done with them before they give up on your first. Its a fun place to have the latest trends or specialty styles that you wouldn't necessarily want to wear more than a couple times anyway.
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