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What’s your favorite beauty decade?

I love to play with different looks through Taaz and love the different hairstyles and makeup trends throughout the decades. Mad Men inspires some serious fashion ideas for me. I also love off the shoulder sweaters and shirts from the 80’s with crazy colorful eyeliner. What are your favorite looks? What beauty trends are you seeing now from decades past?
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I love the 50's too! It's just so put together and glamorous. One of my fashion faves is Zoey Deschanel, who puts a modern twist on the look.
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60's! Both the mod and the hippie gauzy skirts and flowy shirts. adore that laid back vibe.
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Mad Men! I love the 60s retro vibe! Their style was so classy :) Although I love the 20s as well! I've been really getting into Boardwalk Empire on HBO. Anyone else watch the show??
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1920s Boardwalk Empire
I think the '60s Mod era was so cute and fashion forward. Think supermodel Twiggy in a cute lace frock and flats, with slick hair. Adorable! Bring back the Mod era :)
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i'm going to go off on a limb here and say that i'm really fascinated by beauty/fashion back during the renaissance (not particularly from a decade haha). I'm not sure I'd adopt beauty/fashion practices from them--since they are after all, more often than not, dangerous and harmful. For instance, fair skin was a highly pursued physical ideal, and women often used lead in order to whiten their skin. This caused lead poisoning and fatally affected many of the women engaging in this practice. But as for a more modern beauty decade, I'm really into the fashion associated with the 10's-30's, where women's fashion saw a transition from a more conservative way of dress to a more liberal one :)
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Love those casual looks @supergloss11. I guess I'd say I like the '90's just funky, laid-back dress.
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I don't know what my favorite decade is but I do love the full skirts and dresses. :)
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