What's the best outfit idea to wear to a fancy-ish party?

What's the best outfit idea to wear to a fancy-ish party?

My friend is hosting a party and I have no idea what to wear. I know no girl will wear pants- but no one will wear a dress either. What would be a flattering outfit with a skirt? As a side note I am 5"1, shoulder length copper hair and green-blue eyes. Thanks!
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since you have a fair skin tone i'm not sure if you want to look older and more sophisticated or younger but since your already young i'll go with the first one. since your hair color is medium, like in between dark and light a skirt that is a burgundy. for top a regular white tank top that isn't spaghetti straps. along with that a black leather jacket, fashionable one not a motorcycle kind of thing going on. for shoes defiantly go with oxfords that match the jacket. and for accessories a nice long necklace with beads and a single white bow. a purse that is white to match the bow so all of these things should go together very well. maybe more if i show you what i mean. Sorry i couldn't put up a pic of the simple white purse and beaded necklace with white bow but this should give you a pretty good idea of what I mean.
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i dont know about this
you would have to try it on
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uum try this blazer from hm
dress hm
shoes forever 21
hm neutral bag
earrings, and ring and necklace

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Why not go for a semi-formal dress? nothing fancy, just a suggestion, but if a skirt is a must then try wearing black opaque tights with black heals if you're planning to wear a flowy type of skirt. As for the top, go for something simple like a white blouse that won't take away attention from the rest of the outfit.
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I love to pair skirts with a sexy pair of knee high boots this time of year. This look will also help to elongate your legs when sheer black pantyhose are incorporated. A nice girly/fem blouse would pair well and you can add edge to this look by adding a nice jacket. Don't forget to accessorize with a pretty clutch.
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lady gaga outfit LOL just joking... idk
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Try layering the skirt with some black lace tights underneath. For your top, you could do a tucked in tank top and a sparkly party cardigan. Something like this maybe, but a with little more sparkle.
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Blue eyes, combination fair skin, golden brown medium (shoulder) straight hair
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