what would be a good look to go to school?

What would be a good look to go to school?

I need a new look and i need some help. so could anyone plz tell me what i should look like to go to school
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Colorful jeans and t-shirts; leggings and oversized cardigans; or, dresses are always a win!
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Leggings and button down shirts are an easy and casual look and you can pair it with flats or tennis shoes, whatever is more comfy.
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I think jeans are always an easy look and you can switch it up anyway you want with a printed t-shirt or pretty cardigan.
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I like my skinny jeans with all different types of pretty blouses! You can wear boots, flats or heels with this look. Oh I found pic online at womens.asianscent.com. It's not me ;)
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blouse and skinnies
What's your current look? Are your sporty? Girly? Funky? Knowing what you like now will help to create some good looks for you.
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Well I like dresses with tights and booties right now :) Pic from blog.materialgirlcollection.com
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dresses with tights
are you girly? if so, wear a cute skirt clinched with a thin belt, ankle boots, and a bright colored tank top. if your boho, wear a crop-top with (or without, depending on how short it is) a cami or tank top under it, distressed denim shorts, and high tops. if your emo.... never mind! hope i helped
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Since we all know that being a student is stressful enough, the key here is low maintenance. I would suggest playing with different easy techniques and looks. Loose braids, messy buns, funky ponytails, these are all examples of very fast yet stylish looks. That when when you do have a little extra time to either straighten, wave, curl or any other type of thermal style, you will be sure to turn heads.
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