What to wear with these cropped skinnies?

I just bought these cute polka dot cropped skinnies today from Anthropologie....they are the best fit ever! I'm thinking of wearing them with something green.....Any ideas for tops and shoes would be appreciated!
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not to wear them at all.....have a nice day
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i wouldnt chouse a green color mabey a white or a grey w/ cute sandals
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Thanks so much Taaz friends! Love the ideas! I just bought a green shirt today from Anthropologie and some nude colored wedges! I'll have to post a pic! Thanks for all the ideas!
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I think a light green or even a lime green would look great. A darker green shade might look too "heavy" with the dark pants.
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I like the look with the nude shoe and white top. You could accessorize with colorful jewelry too! Or what if you wore a bright tangerine or red button-down, collared shirt with neutral heels with a little pop of color in them as well! I like the 2nd option much better now :D
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white/blue/black tank top or long sleeved top with small black flats or high black stilettos.
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wow! i love them! :Di would wear a cute basic white top
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Cute! I think you should stick to a basic white top. For shoes, you could wear bright green flats or a strappy sandal.
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Wedges, of course! Or, a cute pair of flats for an Audrey Hepburn look. Not sure if this is your style, but I think a shirt with thin stripes would be a fun contrast to the polka dot prints.
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