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What to wear with a prom dress

What to wear with this prom dress?
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a simple pair golden pair of lengthy ear rings. and a golden gladiator heel. and golden bracelets but avoid bangles those kind of dress it down. You don't want to much to go with this dress because it is gorgeous and too much of a good thing could be worse than just wearing the dress without any accessories.
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The dress is absolutely gorgeous. I would stay away from jewelry that is to flashy. Go with simple earrings and possible a bracelet. i wouldn't wear a necklace, I think it would distract from the dress.
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I think plain silver heels, minimal jewellery because the dress is gorgeous, i'd suggest a silver bracelet or earrings and i'd go light on makeup otherwise it might be too much. :)
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Starppy heels forsure! I would do a half-up hair look....pull the sides up and keep the rest sleek. Big earrings and no necklace. Thin bracelet. Fabulous dress, love it!
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Try a curly half up half down hair do. I wouldn't let my hair completely down since it might take away from the dress. I would skip out on a necklace unless the pendant isn't overwhelming, something thin and simple will do. As for the bracelets, try something bold and big like a thick gold cuff or you can try matching the color of it with your heals so it's not too "matchy matchy".
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I would keep the accessories to a minimum since this is already such a statement dress. A pair of earrings and a bracelet are all you really need other than a nice pair of stripy heels because of the revealing slit. Let the dress do the rest. Have fun!
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omg this dress is suuuppperrr sexy!! WOW! IF you wore this everyone of your peers and teachers would be like OMG WOW!! She looks soo sexy!! LOL
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Put your hair up in a bun or a french braid! I love the dress :)
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The only thing i would NOT wear would be a neck piece, because it would cut off the beautiful cleavage (yours and the dresse's)! But I wold go with equally sparkling earrings and rings
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What a cute prom dress! Ok so you should wear a shiny pair of high heels and some dangly earrings kinda like the model. That will look soooo good!! <3
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