What to do when you look fabulous and no one notices

I hate it when you get up and make yourself over and look PERFECT and then 2/3 of the way through the day you have not seen a single person that you wanted to see. Should I just find an excuse to talk to people just because I want SOMEONE to notice just how amazing I look today?
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You should post your beautiful pics here! We'll notice ;)
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if you look good, chances are, ppl notice it too...they might just happen to say that straight to your face. just feel good about yourself and keep going! :)
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if u feel good for yourself you don't need other's confirmation about it. just do it for yourself, I'm sure you looked amazing, and even though nobody noticed that, who cares?
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Totally get what you're saying, but the awesome thing is that you know how amazing you look so own it and have fun trying new looks.
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You never know who's noticing! So when you look amazing just take that feeling with you.
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I can see how this would be annoying but I agree with @stevengreen198786. You have to look good for you! But it wouldn't hurt to schedule an appointment or hit the mall looking fabulous. Dressing up just because is fun sometimes too even if no one sees you. Its a good time to try experimenting w/different looks too!! ;)
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A few thoughts...make yourself look great for you. Who cares if you don't see the people you wanted. You know you look great and it will make you feel better! Try scheduling an appointment or lunch or drinks or a hot date on purpose for those days you go the extra mile looking great. Besides, you look very pretty already judging from your pic.
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