what styles of makeup are being used today, crazy, nuetral,...?

What styles of makeup are being used today, crazy, nuetral,...?

I am trying to learn about makeup & fashion but i cant figure out what the style is because in a magazine i see something like lady gaga and then i turn the page and theres people with just natural looking makeup... so i dont know what style is being used?
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something like this :

Hope it helps
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Watch this girls makeup videos and you will learn everything you need to know

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Clothing trends would be floral prints, tribal prints, neons, pastels, tangerine, yellows, reds and many more wich also go on nails. Tip: As for makeup, pale to bold shades flatter fair skintones, ranging in many colors such as orange, red, crimson red pouts with no color on the eyes. Also the classic cat eye is back, and you can wear it with a pale lip color. You can take a look at the makeover tool, wich has plenty of spring/summer colors to choose from and experiment with on TAAZ. Enjoy! :)
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Neons are a big fashion trend at the moment with both makeup and clothes!
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Color is really in, but you can only wear so much. That's why some people tone down the makeup or another part of their outfit with neutrals. HOpe that makes sense :)
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It depends on the occasion.
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Staying Glamour Neutral and shiny is pretty fashionable right now, by shimmering and using basic tones and hues, you can achieve a major look. On the other end, all out shocking is also big, by going for matte and bright hues of eye and lip makeup, completely covering blemishes and even going for a powdered plastic- like features, and simple hairstyles keep you in the moment. Each look is not very versatile. Make sure you stick with your style. Beauty is Beauty is Beauty!
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