What style suit me best? help me...

i really think that i should have a style that suit me... i am not beautiful, nor am i cute... well, i like to act devilish but that is totally not me... i never show my true self... what should i do...
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fashion style or hairstyle? I think your hair pulled back would really show off your strong facial features. A bold lip color to boost your look and then fashion wise...well, what do you LIKE wearing?
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i have a few perspectives on you so ill give you 4 looks that are totally different but would still fit your personality 100% ^.^ first look....are fun sporty and totally cute...myabe get converse to go with them fun colored shorts and sweatshirts...look 2; cute preppy styles. fun to mix and match with :) stuff from hollister ...cute sweaters....sweatshirts....skinny jeans....ect......
look3; fun odd stuff...exapmle store; forever 21
you can find outfits like this anywhere...go to different cheap stores. :)
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You seem like an out going girl. Because of my perception on your personality, I would suggest getting a razor cut with lots of fun short layers. The razor creates more of a choppy feel to the ends rather than a blunt finish. This helps to create more movement and texture so that the hair isn't heavy or lifeless. In my opinion your persona and charter will be able to pull this off very well, even on your more devious days!
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I think you're pretty and style is all about what you like. What kind of style are you into? Preppy, sporty, dressy? I'd say maybe you're casual, hipster? So hoodies and leggings, cute summer dresses look good on anyone, but not sure how girly you are.
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