what style is the best for curvy girls?

What style is the best for curvy girls?

Were having dress up day at school on friday(we dont have to wear our required uniform) and my body type isnt really slender more like muscular i have muscualar thighs and broad shoulders can i wear a high skirt and tank top without looking manley? my sister says whenever i wear something tighter or higher i look like a "butch" .. because i'm a tomboy ... help i want to look like a girl for once -_- :)
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What about black or navy skinny jeans and a loose top? That would be a cute, flattering outfit on just about anyone :)
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First of all, I would stay away from a high skirt and tank top. The key here is to visit the shops and experiment with what suits you. This is how I sorted out my problem with my muscular legs. I found that knee length flowy skirts really suit a muscular body shape.
Next- heels are a great idea. They elongate the leg, making it seem longer and slimmer. Ugg boots are shoes to stay away from as they can make legs appear 'stubby'.
Lastly- go for t-shirts with lines down the arm or body, as they create the illusion of thinness and tallness And the most important factor... is to appear confident! :)
Hope this helps- enjoy your day!
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Add some high sleek, edgy boots, with heels. And age depending don't forget the hair and make-up. Even just light, but rich hues only the eyes with a little clear lip gloss can make a world of difference. Good luck and just have fun with it! Practicing beforehand can be interesting too.
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hey dont know if it helps but im short and have larger thighs and butt,, I find a-lined skirts or well taylored skirts (to the knee) more flattering on me than straight pencil or mini skirts. also when I was abit overweight I found that patterns(other than lines or squares) and a splash of colour really helps.. good luck. let us know how u go :)
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thaanks .. i didn't mean too high of a skirt anyway :)
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I wouldn't wear too high of skirt - I don't think that's flattering on anyone. An above the knee length skirt or wrap dress would be a great idea. I say if you're going shorter on the skirt have sleeves to shirt and if you have a longer skirt, then you can go for the tank top.
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