red chiffon dress

What spring trend are you most looking forward to wearing?

Yes, I love my scarves and leggings and tights, but my style is starting to get spring fever. I'm looking forward to airy dresses this spring in pops of bright color (so unlike me with my typically black wardrobe!) AND I'm going to finally buy a pair of wedges to go with.

Chiffon dress $22.80 at Forever 21.
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I'm so ready for my dresses and flowy tops without a sweater over them. Can't wait!
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You go girl! :) Espadrilles and bright nail polish (tangerine, teal, etc.) are a must!
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I'm really looking forward to wearing some nice light dresses and skirts, open-toe high-heels, short sleeves... Now when I start talking like this, I actually realize I'm looking forward to everything that's connected with spring/summer wardrobe. :)
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Yes you have to buy wedges!! I also can't wait for all the flowy dresses in bold hues and patterns!
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Definitely pops of color and color-blocking!
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My Tangerine patent handbag by JP Lizzy! Also, I think I need to get some bright colored skinny jeans!
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