what should i wear to a wedding?

What should i wear to a wedding?

Iam gonna be a photographer/guest at my moms best friends wedding and i don't know what to wear, its gonna be outside in a lil feild in augest so something warm but not to warm, i dont know that colors so somthing neutral. any and all suggestions are welcome...thanks :)
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I've always noticed photographers in nice black pants with flowy tops at weddings. Pants help because you will be bending down to create different pics, and you should also wear flats or at least low wedges because you will be walking (maybe even running to capture the moment) a lot.
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i have makeup ideas
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You can wear something colorful since it's a summer wedding.....I attached a few photos of some cute dresses and a fun romper/pantsuit. The 1st 2 pics are from Anthropologie and the last pink dress is from Nordstrom. The long romper is cute and would be very comfortable since you will be moving around taking pictures. That would be my pick!
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I think you'd look great in a navy or med-dark blue jumpsuit; super trendy right now. Put your hair up in a French Twist, so it won't get in the way of the camera. Hope you have a great time!!!
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