What should i wear to a engagement party?

i have a party on friday , its at a venue at night i dont really want to wear a dress but if i do i have no clue what style or colour im very slim build have black hair , shoulder lenth with full fringe , fair skin and about 5ft4 , all my friends are wearing dresses but i dont want to so what could i wear , please help x
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If you're not a fan of dresses, you could wear dressy shorts and tights or you could wear slim trouser pants with a jewel-toned top. For a party, definitely wear something you're comfortable in, but definitely don't be afraid to dress up!
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aww thankyou guys , well im going shopping today to get it , so we shall see , @monlovesmakeup i like your idea i think i will probably go with your idea because i actually really hate wearing dresses , and its scotland hehe , iv always wanted to wear a black dress but when i went to try ones on simmilar i was way to dark with the black hair and dress it kinda all clashed but thankyou for the advice everyone x
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If you're not comfortable in a dress, there are lots of cute alternatives! I like the idea of wearing black skinny jeans with a cute feminine top and neutral heels or flats (whatever you like best). You could top off the look with a bright jacket. It will be both stylish and appropriate for the party! Have fun.
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What about a cute little black dress? You should always have an LBD in your closet anyway, and it would be very cute for an engagement party! Pair it with some fun tights and you're all set.
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aww thankyou so much , i think that would be very nice ! you dont know how much you have helped me out , thankyou xx
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You could opt for a fun, stylish skirt like the sequin one I attatched. Keep the top simple if you wear a sparkly skirt, a black cardigan and tank would look nice. If you don't want bare legs, you could pair with opaque tights. Add some fun heels and this would be a perfect outfit!
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