What shape to the eyebrows i get better?

I need a lot of beauty tips and one of them is the way my eyebrows should be. I attach a photo to me that someone could Counseling. thank you
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I agree with the previous answers. If you want to play up your eyes and to give them a bit of drama, add a bit of arch. It'll look gorgeous!
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Well, honestly, by the picture you can't even notice the scar, but if you're worried about that, try blending a little concealer into the area to cover it up before applying your eye makeup. You can concealer just about anywhere :)
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thank you both, I will follow your advice, my concern about the eyebrows are more because there are too thick and I have a scar above his left eye so I'll look for a professional and ask for a little bending. regarding the treatment of keratin, unfortunately I am far, Portugal, there are some marks that I can look Counseling for me here?
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Your eyebrows look nice and full, so maybe you just want a little more of an arch? If I were you I'd go to an eyebrow professional at a salon or beauty store. Macy's now has a Benefit Brow bar in the middle of the cosmetics department, so that's always an option too. Good luck on your date! :)
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I like that your brows are full this is very trendy right now. If you wanted just to add shape id recommend arching the area srtaight up from the center of the eye. Doing so will open up the eye lid and make your eyes stand out more.
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I have a date on Saturday and liked to be good looking, Thanks in advance
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