What kind of style of clothing should i go for based on my pics?

i have no since of style I live in the rurual country area. Woring mom. Should I go BOHO k, country , modern look
or just more buissiness type of clothing im over weight need your help , thanks
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Hi My Name Is Alize And Im 10 Years Old! Really! I Think You Should Go For A Really Pretty Country Type Of Girl But Your Beautiful The Way You Are! ♥
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If you live out in the country do not go business type. If i were you I would embrace the Boho look. Its cool, casual, stylish, and works great of you feel you are a bit overweight. You definitely have the hair! Now add the jewelry and go for it.
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What type of work do you do? What are others wearing at your job. If I were you, I would wear a similar style of clothing and "fit in" with them. Maybe you should subscribe to a couple of fashion mags. I would recommend InStyle.
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