What kind of party dress suits best to hide big stomach and bulky arms?

I put on some weight lately. It mostly shows on my stomach and my arms. I would like to buy a party dress which will show my curves and hise my arms and my stomach.
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There are some beautiful dresses at Target right now that are perfect for just that because one, they have flutter sleeves to hide your arms more and a stretch with an adjustable belt for the tummy (that's where I gain weight the most too!). There are some in bold colors and then also prints.
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I really like the blue dress below from @socal_gal! Flowy sleeves (blouse tops) are really trendy right now, and they are really flattering on. Also, I like wearing cardigans or jackets over my party dresses like in the pic. It's important though to wear a belt with the dress, so it cinches in your waist.
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I have a very simular body shape to you and have always felt concious of my booty but i have grown to love my curves. since having kids tho i have aquired a podge stomach that no amount of situps can help :( with this i am learning to find clothes to help my silloutte. these are a few looks i have found for you. the first is my favourite look with all your requirements. it hides your arms (which aint that bad anyway)nice pencil skirt that shows off your womenly curves. the bow of the skirt and print of the shirt are great to "cover up" any podge u might have.if you are not confident with the fitted shirt you could pair a pencil skirt with a button up blouse tucked in. the second look is for the confident and bold on a big night out. the third i think is sweet and if your worried about your arms it could be paired with a belaro(not sure of spelling) or a shoulder shrug. you are beautiful and you should embrace your womenly shape not many women are lucky enough to have curves! use it too your advantage. many envy you !:)
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Bow pencil skirt for curvy women
with balaro
I think this dress would be totally cute on you. The color is super trendy and the fabric pulls away from the body to flatter your figure. Sleeves too! :) I'd wear this.
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Wrap dresses in trendy colors like this one are always great for concealing problem areas, while still looking stylish. I really like this one -- it would be great for a party with a pair of black high heels and a sparkly black clutch!
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