What kind of dress or atleast color would best suit these pumps?!?!

I have a pair similar to these in a glittery champagne color and was just wondering WHAT KINDA DRESS WOULD GO WITH IT??!?!?! i'm lost and have no clue what color/style dress would best suit this for my graduation....;/ help pweeeez
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any dress goes well with nude (: but if they're pumps then i would suggest a dress with a fitted bodice and a flared or bubble hem that hits an inch or two above the knees. for graduation, since it's in june, i would get a coral or pink flowy dress (:
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nude pumps go with almost everything. I usually pair them with black, red, and blue. They're great for color blocking as well.
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I'd pick blue. Blue looks good on everyone I feel.
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they arent nude though they are champagne glitter colored....but thanks everyone for atleast giving me a sense(:
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Almost everything can go with the shoes
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cocktail dress
I bought this dress to wear to my cousin's wedding. I got it at Nordstroms. The model is even wearing similar shoes as yours.
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I agree.. these shoes are great with any colour really! It would depend on whether you wanted a short or long dress however! The Grecian style is popular for graduations.. with a slit up the side you can show of your pins too! White is a statement colour for these events and you would definitely get a lot of attention.
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The best thing about nude tone heels are that ANY color compliments them well. Your possibilities are endless my dear!
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I think these are pretty safe with most dresses that have a hem at the knee or above. I wouldn't recommend them for long dresses. My favorite pairings for nude pumps are with color-blocked dresses, navy dresses, sailor or retro-inspired, and flowy floral. Solid bright colors, especially if draped, look great. Jewel-tone metallics look good, too, but I like them more with satin or matte finishes (the glitter in your pair might compete for attention).
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