what is the best pair of shoes whenu wear a black formal dress

What is the best pair of shoes whenu wear a black formal dress

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I think it really depends on what type of dress it is. What's the detailing? How long is it? But I guess since the color is black, you can pretty much choose anything you want. I wouldn't recommend something black though. Try.. silver?
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It depends on what kind of dress - if it's short or long, has a lot of detailing or is very simple. I like to really dress up my black dresses with different shoes and hardly ever wear black shoes with it. The good news it that any color goes with black, so you can't really go wrong.
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I guess a part of my style is matching everything up- because I have black hair I would wear black shoes, however if you just want shoes, anything really goes :)

I say white or shocking red, as they stand out and it's easy to accessorise with these colours. Bright red lipstick with diamond earrings and white shoes. Pale pink lipstick with a red hairpiece and red shoes. I think those colours are the best mix and match. :)

You could also go weird with boots or something, I wore a black and green dress to my cousin's wedding with black buckel ankle boots and a simple green teardrop necklace. I got heaps of compliments which was pretty cool cos usually i'm in track pants and a hoodie XD

Here are a few links: http://images.esellerpro.com/2240/I/152/76/scale17.jpg

Hope I've helped!
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If you want to stand out, go with a colored heel and add accessories! I usually wear a nude or black heel.
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Hi! So in my opinion, it depends on how high do u want ur shoe to be. And with a black dress anything goes ok. Another thing, it depends on how old u are. For ex, if u'r in ur 20s/30s u can go for really high stilletos, and choose a cool color that goes both with ur skin and the time of the year (ie, summer, winter, etc)
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If it is short than black stilettos and if long and you cant see them then flats
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