What is in fashion right now???

What is in fashion right now???

I am being told i am "Uncool, Unfashionable and Popular". I just want to know whats in fashion so I can be a little more "Cool" ans put a stop to this, so, THANKS!!!!
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Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!
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Do you like fashion? Do you have a favorite celebrity? If you admire someone's style, I'd try to go off that instead of just what's "trendy" because all trends don't look good on everyone and trends come and go so fast. I think dresses are always a cool look - I love them anyway. And you have tons of choices as far as color, style and length go.
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Just try adding some color.....maybe some colored jeans like bright blue, red or green. How old are you? It would help if I knew what grade you are in. Bottom line, wear what you like and what you are comfortable in.....don't listen to all that "uncool" talk! You can always do your nails in a bold color or add a cute oversized headband....there are many ways to add some "spice" to your look without spending too much!
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Wow, those people are straight forward. Listen, I wouldn't take that stuff too seriously. There are plenty of magazines in the stores that address these issue: InStyle & People Style Watch. Just look @ what the celebs are wearing-& that's what's in.
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