What hair color and lip color should I go with?

What hair color and lip color should i go with?

I want to do something different with my hair. I want something edgy but not too crazy with the color. Also I REALLY want to wear bright pink lipstick (not everyday) with outfit that it would look good with; what shade would look best?
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I think you should get a shorter bang, sideswept still not straight across and then add some fun highlights (temporary if you want) in electric blue or pink. And then, if you want to wear pink lipstick, go for it. That's what makes beauty and fashion fun.
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a soft pink for the lips, and a lighter color for the hair. Hair, maybe you can do maybe blonde, but pink undertones? or maybe a dark, dark red, or even black with red streaks!
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jennamarbles example pic
black red hair
black with red streak hair
Because of your fair complexion, i think you would look great with deep red hair! This will not only provide you with a fun change but really flatter your features as well.
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Graças que não ajuda. Eu não pensei nisso antes. Pensei vermelho, mas não com estrias de luz.
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Melhor mesmo,seria um ruivo puro ou castanha claro com mechas, as mechas você veria o tom ;) espro ter ajudado!!
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