What do you think of this makeover?

I would like to know what y'all think of this makeover. I was thinking of getting a new style and it's based on this makeover.
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Thank you for your advice! I will take the skin tone/hair color advice serious.
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thank you
the blue eye shadow is very much over done for this look
great idea but the colour do clash together
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The choice in hair color seems to clash with her skin tone and her eye makeup is a little over done for my taste. Perhaps reducing the amount of pigment on her lids an allowing more of a brow would soften this look a bit, A medium brown hair color with golden blond highlights would be a more flattering way for her to wear pull off hair lighter than her natural level.
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I'm not excellent at makeovers on Taaz but i don't think the hair really works with the skin tone. You could have maybe gone for a darker blonde or even better a black. The blue and green eye shadow is way too heavy and ages her but overall well done! Here is an example of mine. Not brilliant lol.
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nice try!!!
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I like the hair but it doesn't match the skin tone. I think the look would go heaps better either with darker hair or fairer skin. The eye make up is a bit too extravagant for the colour of the lip. I suggest using dark pink or red to spice up the look or a nude colour to balance out the heavy blue shadows.

Here's the link to the make over page: http://www.taaz.com/makeover/demo-for-canmdygurl/mKSifMFNJLu4JF4taGXTf7BFSvaKu7iL.html Hope you like! ^^
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DEMO: for canmdygurl
here IS THE STYLE with me as the "model"
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I'll have it in new makeovers on my profile
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Sure ill do the make over on me.
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Great hairstyle but not the right color if this is your skin tone. The eye makeup is too much color paired with the pink lips. Can you forward us a picture?
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In her late teens

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