What do I wear for school in England?

What do i wear for school in england?

Tomorrow is a one off day to wear your own outfits& I only found out yesterday I'm freaking out because I have no clue what to wear, URGENT ADVICE!!!!! I was thinking shorts but with what& I doubt I'm allowed to wear them in this weather. Please help before I die.
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Thank you everyone for my lovely answers I actually wore something :o I wouldn't off if I knew how ugly I really i am, after these lovely comments I just want to thank everyone for them,much loved<3 I will post a pic off my out fit, xxxx
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I would say grab some of the popular UK magazines and look at trend. Also do you have a H&M out there? They have great choices of attire too!
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calm down! its just school! just wear what you would wear at the weekend cos you wouldnt go out looking like an idiot at the weekend so if you wear that you know you will look good and feel fully confident without having to check it in the mirror every two mins (and ha i have the day off tomorow!) xx
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well if it is raining try skinney jeans with a wooly jumper. basically through something on, wear what ever you feel comfortable in. something you wear on a normal day but with a bit more special. i definatley wouldn't go and buy something specialy for the day. just find some old winter clothes and put the on.but don't wear something that looks old.
accesorise with jewellrey and wear some boots or vans.go with what ever your comforfable in. (i would check the weather, you never know)
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Maybe denim jeans with a top ? Good to be simple .
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